Supplier and installer of sports surfaces and landscaping – تجهيز و تغطية ملاعب النجيلة الصناعية والترتان واللاندسكيب في مصر

Civil works:

Idea Sports provides entire surface construction related to any project, including laying asphalt, concrete work, fencing and tiling.
For your comfort, we get the entire job done from scratch to the end, effectively and efficiently and we have a professional, dedicated team for that.

Lighting systems

We install light stands, spotlights and complete all electrical work needed to be done to complete your project.


we design all types of football goals, handball goals and other sport goals with different dimensions and specifications.


sports nets such as Volleyball, Tennis and Badminton. We also customize nets around sport courts that work as a fencing system and at the same time they prevent losing the ball.


provides two basic functions, to retain balls on the court during play and to provide security for the court and equipment when unattended.

Boards and Posts

we install all types of posts for different types of sports such as: tennis posts, volleyball posts, and all types of basketball posts including the basketball board, ring and net.

Digital number display boards

such as digital time boards, score boards and referee boards.

Football tunnels

football tunnels can also be used as a covered walkway to connect between two buildings or two gates; they can easily be extended and retracted by hand.

Seats and benches

We provide and install different types of sports seats, benches and sports coliseums with different colors and sizes.
Gymnastic equipment: Women’s and Men's Equipment, Mats and Trampolines, etc.

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