Supplier and installer of sports surfaces and landscaping – تجهيز و تغطية ملاعب النجيلة الصناعية والترتان واللاندسكيب في مصر
Artificial grass can be used in Football Pitches, Multipurpose Courts (Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, and Handball) and Golf courses, and it can also be used for Landscape Flooring used in: Gardens, Roofs, around swimming pools and Kids areas.
Artificial grass requires no mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing or pesticides. Besides, minimal maintenance is required unlike natural grass. It reduces your water bill, looks great over years, and it's very natural-looking that it's almost impossible to tell artificial grass from Natural grass, in addition that it have no mud, no mess which makes it kids and pets friendly.
Five a side court: 22*42
Six a side court: 30*50
The football court project execution period is from 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Idea sports is the agent of the biggest international manufacturers of artificial grass which guarantee highest quality products and longest lifetime in addition to competitive prices.
  • Color and shape inspired by nature in a choice of colors, and products are always in stock.
  • Fast installation requiring only a flat and solid floor to pave on, we also provide entire surface construction if needed./li>
  • Wear-resistant, longer life span, extremely user friendly and keep your footwear clean.
  • We offer a long term guarantee and our artificial grass is guaranteed with the quality certificates.
Artificial grass aims to simulate the softness, appearance and user interaction of natural grass; however, Natural grass grows, has a scent, soothes as it also require watering, cutting, pesticides, fertilizing but artificial grass requires minimal headache and maintenance.
The composition of the artificial grass fibers does not create allergic reactions, and evidence of this is the growing popularity of artificial grass in children's play parks and nurseries. Nowadays, artificial grass fibers are less abrasive and softer, and the infills have been improved a lot, they act as better cushions and are less compact, for this reason, the number of sports facilities using artificial grass at clubs, stadiums , schools, or practice grounds at the highest level is increasing daily (especially in football and padel tennis). Sprinkling the artificial grass for about two minutes refreshes it, and the sand infill retains the moisture.
Artificial grass current duration is around 10-15 years, with anti-UV guarantees from the manufacturers of up to 10 years. The development of fibers for the artificial grass manufacturers is taking giant steps forward, innovating year after year in terms of composition and sections, thus offering greater resistance to wear and the flattening of yarns. It is important to know the quality and composition of the fibers of the grass you are buying.
Artificial grass is an outdoor flooring that, requires only brushing and cleaning but it requires minimal maintenance unlike the natural grass, it requires no cutting, no watering, no fertilizing, no pesticides, no mud and no mess.
  • Major water saving (especially in places where grass does not grow naturally or rain is scarce).
  • 100% recyclable product (there are manufacturers on the market that finish their products with polyurethane and they certify the possible recycling or reuse of their products).
  • Natural or recycled infill..
  • The infill of artificial grass can be natural silica sand (we contribute to reusing and extending the use of a material that can be difficult to eliminate)
  • No need for any kind of fertilizer.
  • The subsoil is not polluted.
Synthetic Surfaces are a perfect solution not only for the Running Tracks and Athletics stadiums but also can be used for Tennis, Basketball and Multipurpose Courts.
  • A balance between speed, non-slip and shock absorption, and optimum force reduction.
  • Protection for athletes and minimize injury risk, tensile strength, durability.
  • Uniform and seamless systems that comply with international regulations.
Synthetic surfaces systems and Acrylic should be properly applied over asphalt (which is recommended to prevent cracks over time) or concrete.
  • Hard Acrylic
  • Cushion Acrylic system
  • Acrylic Mat system
  • PU Mix
Acrylic flooring is widely used in indoor/outdoor courts as Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Multi-purpose Courts.
Rubber Flooring are perfectly used for outdoor and indoor sport courts as multipurpose courts, gym and fitness centers, kids areas and it is an excellent choice for nurseries and cafes.
They are available in square edge tiles (50*50 cm), thickness (2 cm) installed on polyurethane glue.
Polypropylene is one of the best and easiest solutions for sport surfaces (Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Gym, hockey, Badminton, Handball, kids areas, parks, entertainment rooms).They can be used indoor and outdoor as they stand up the ultraviolet radiation and oxidation. In short the durability of this product is very strong. All what they need is a flat floor to pave on.
  • Portable, fast and easy to install and uninstall.
  • Very durable and resistant, anti-slip for higher safety.
  • Not affected by high temperature, and also never warps or strips.
  • You can design your court with decorative, wide range of colors and customized logos.
  • Hygienic, non-poisonous, environmentally friendly.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Easily cleaned up; the outside floor can be cleaned with water and the inside one by mop.
The surfaces that can be perfectly match a Tennis Court are: Acrylic- Tartan- Artificial Grass (Padel) - Interlocking Tiles.
Snookball is an exciting game mixing between snooker and soccer and it has been rapidly spread recently attracting millions of people from different ages.
Snookball is mostly played in clubs, beaches, kids areas, schools, universities, gym, home backyards and on the roofs, it can be also installed indoor or outdoor..
Covering swimming pools, all sport courts, wedding halls, exhibitions, factories, ice skating, etc..
We offer our customers 10 years guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • Resistance to extreme weather.
  • Very short project execution time.
  • Easy to relocate.
  • Energy efficient structures.
  • Conforms to all Safety Standards.
  • Durability 40+ years.
  • Less cost than convenient buildings
  • Easy to relocate.
  • Modern Customizable design and branding,
  • No wasted space.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Multi-purpose structures.
The squash courts are designed for heavy use with pre-fabricated materials, providing a cost efficient and professional system. Squash courts consist of wood surface, panels, plaster side walls, and glass back walls.
We have highly a trained crew dedicated to get the maintenance job done effectively and efficiently, and our experience allow us to offer perfect installation, better after sale service in addition to being the agent of the Italian SANDY machine for brushing and maintaining artificial grass which is the quickest and most reasonable solution in terms of price and usage, and can easily be used by anyone.
Yes, Idea Sports already have performed a lot of landscape and sports projects all over Egypt, as we always have stock and we have highly a trained crew dedicated to get the job done in the right way and in the right time. Our company has been up and running for a long time, and our experience allow us to offer perfect installation, better service and higher quality materials at a competitive price and being the agent of big international companies in different fields allow us to make projects outside Egypt too.