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The squash courts are designed for heavy use with pre-fabricated materials, providing a cost efficient and professional system. Squash courts consist of wood surface, panels, plaster side walls, and glass back walls.

Squash courts front walls "Panels"

The panels are built on both sides of the particle board core. The panels are machined to our exact specifications. Typical squash courts stop the panels at the playing lines at the front and side walls and it can be extended up to the ceiling if requested.

The Tin

It is located along the full width of the court along the bottom of the front wall, installed on top of the floor. The top batten of the tin (the “board”) is splayed to deflect the ball to denote it is out of play, The tin itself is made from white particle-board or other sheet material.

Squash Courts side walls "Plaster system"

Our squash wall system is gypsum-based plaster system. Therefore it eliminates shrinkage and stress cracking and provides a perfect surface for ball bouncing. We can also provide traditional cement walls or any other custom-made options to suit your choice.

Squash Courts Glass Back walls

Widely known for their easy installation. We incorporate a glass system that meets the highest manufacturing standards and complies with all safety and performance criteria.

Squash courts flooring

Squash courts floors are made of parquet (wood flooring), in order to provide uniformity to ball rebound and play. Idea Sports provides imported parquet and local made parquet as well.

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